Donelda on Television

Donelda is widely known to have introduced Freestyle to the U.K, being the first to show freestyle moves i.e. distance moves etc in her routines. Her routines have appeared on many television programmes in different countries including Japan, Australia, Belgium, France, Holland, the USA, Canada and the UK.

Donelda has also appeared on Transworld sport, Exchange T.V, CBBC, Celebrity Dog Training School (in which Donelda was the winning trainer for her celebrity Linda Barker, and her Dachshund, ‘Tiger Lily’), Children In Need, The Slammer, The Harry Hill Show, The Paul O’Grady Show, The Secret Life Of People and Their Pets (documentary) and The Underdog Show (in which Donelda was a trainer for Clive Anderson and Albert). The celebrities who featured in the first series of The Underdog Show were; Theo Paphitis; Kirsty Gallacher; Anton Du Beke; Clive Anderson; Mishal Husain; Julia Sawalha; Huey Morgan; and Selina Scott. Donelda was also invited to be a judge on the second series of The Underdog Show with fellow judges Brendan Cole and Steve Mann.

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Donelda & Peter Purvis

Under The Greenwood Tree

One of Donelda’s dogs, Iatka Zee Zee Zianna played the part of Mr Dewey’s dog in ITV’s £2 million Christmas film adaptation of, ‘Under The Greenwood Tree’ by Thomas Hardy. The film was shot entirely on location in Jersey C.I.. Zee Zee took the main canine starring role but Millie (one of Donelda’s other dogs) also appeared in the film together with Fluffy, an Irish Wolfhound owned by Mrs Clare Coneboy. Donelda was Consultant Trainer for Mrs Coneboy and Fluffy.  Stars of the film included Keeley Hawes, James Murray, Ben Miles, Steve Pemberton and Tom Georgeson.

Words from Jeremy Gwilt, Producer of Under The Greenwood Tree:

“There’s an old theatrical saying that cautions against working with children or animals. The prospect of doing either strikes terror into the hearts of many seasoned film maker. Donelda Guy is a hugely experienced and talented dog trainer who re writes the rule book and confidently dispels all fears. Her dogs Zee Zee and Millie a working sheep dog and a cross terrier, are brilliant performers. They are happy, intelligent and reliable and these are key qualities for the process of filming. Donelda and her dogs possess them all in equal measure. ‘Under The Greenwood Tree’ will benefit immeasurably from Donelda’s remarkable skills as a trainer and handler.”


Another of Donelda’s dogs, Iatka One Step Ahead Biba starred in the musical ‘Hollywood Heaven’ written by Tessa Coleman, which was held at the Jersey Opera House in June 2003. Tessa Coleman played the part of Rita Hayworth and Biba played the part of Gilda, Rita Hayworth’s dog in this stage production. Donelda also had a part in the production as one of the 10 Angels in the Chorus. The star of the show, Tessa Coleman said “Biba Guy (my four-legged friend) is a consummate professional, who learnt our routine far quicker than I did and was not averse to telling me off with a summary bark when I messed up. I think she’s got me just about trained by now.”